What’s the Best Way to Clean Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses present a subtle and convenient solution for vision correction, offering a welcome alternative to traditional eyeglasses. Ensuring that they are cleaned and maintained correctly is vital to prolonging their usability and keeping your eyes safe from infections.

The Importance of Cleaning Contact Lenses

Cleaning your contact lenses removes the dirt, dust, and debris that accumulate on the lenses throughout the day, preventing irritation and maintaining clear vision. It also eliminates bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms that can cause eye infections.

Contact Lens Cleaning Process

To effectively clean your contact lenses in North Syracuse, NY, start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. This step helps to prevent the transfer of bacteria and dirt from your hands to your lenses.

Next, gently remove the lens from your eye using your index finger and thumb, taking care not to damage it. With the lens in the palm of your hand, apply some contact lens cleaning solution and rinse it thoroughly to remove any debris or deposits. Gently rub the lens in a circular motion using your index finger for about 10 seconds. After rubbing, rinse the lens once more with the cleaning solution or a contact lens rinsing solution.

To store, place it in a clean contact lens case filled with fresh contact lens solution, making sure to securely close the case to avoid contamination. Repeat the entire cleaning process for your other contact lens.

Maintaining Your Contact Lenses

To ensure proper contact lens care, always use the cleaning solution recommended by your optometrist or lens manufacturer. Avoid using water, saliva, or homemade solutions, as these can damage your lenses and increase the risk of eye infection. Replace your contact lens case regularly, preferably every three months, to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment for your lenses. Lastly, follow the cleaning and replacement schedule provided by your optometrist to ensure safe and comfortable lens usage.

Thorough and regular contact lens cleaning is crucial for maintaining clear vision and protecting your eyes from infections. By following the steps outlined here and paying attention to your optometrist’s advice, you can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses while keeping your eyes in optimal condition. To get new or replacement contract lenses or an eye exam, book an appointment with your North Syracuse, NY optometrist today.

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