The Dangers of Wearing Daily Disposable Contacts for Longer Than a Day

Here are a few consequences of wearing your disposables for longer than a day.

  • Dry Eye

Wearing your disposable contacts longer than a day will generally result in dry eye. This is because disposables don’t allow moisture to get to your eye. And this gets worse the longer you wear them.

  • Eye Irritation

Disposable contacts aren’t designed to be worn for more than a day. Therefore, when you wear them longer than recommended, they sustain dirt and damage that could cause eye irritation.

  • Corneal Infection (infectious keratitis)

This could be serious. You might want to read this section twice!

Daily disposable contacts in North Syracuse, NY, don’t allow oxygen to get through the contacts and to your eyes. Additionally, they don’t retain moisture very well either. So when you wear them for more than a day, you increase your chances of them giving you a corneal infection. The best-case scenario is that you won’t be able to wear your contacts temporarily until your eyes heal. The worst-case scenario is that the old contacts could permanently damage your eyes. But that’s not all…keep reading.

When you get a corneal infection, also called infectious keratitis, this could cause your eyes to get red and become irritated. When this happens, they will hurt and tear up. And this will lead to blurred vision and sensitivity to light and could ultimately cause blindness. Yes, blindness!

  • Corneal Scarring

Just like a corneal infection, since daily disposables don’t allow oxygen and moisture to get to your eyes, another result of wearing them too long is that they could cause corneal scarring, which as you know from reading the last section, could cause severe eye problems up to and including blindness.

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