Best Ways to Treat Blepharitis

Blepharitis refers to an inflammation of the eyelids, and it’s a condition that affects around 25 million people in the US alone. Largely associated with dry eyes, a doctor will diagnose the condition by magnifying your eyelids or collecting oil from your eyelids to see if there’s any evidence of bacteria or allergy. We’ll look at what you can do on your end to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

At Home

The most common blepharitis treatments in North Syracuse, NY are often the same as those for dry eye:

  • Compresses: A compress of warm water can be enough to bring down the swelling in the eyelids so you get a little relief.
  • Artificial tears: The more lubricated your eyes are, the less irritation you’ll feel in your eyelids.
  • Eyelid massages: The glands inside of your eyelid can become clogged. A massage can help loosen them up a little so the oil from inside can reach your eyes.
  • Baby shampoo: This is a great, gentle way to clean out your eyes. If you’re used to waking up being unable to see, this is a healthy way to scrub them clean.

At the Eye Doctor

A doctor may prescribe one of the following to you:

  • Antibiotics: There are both topical and oral antibiotics that you can use if you have a bacterial infection in the eyelids.
  • Steroids: This is typically used for inflammation, though it’s really a last resort for many eye doctors in North Syracuse, NY.
  • Immunosuppressives: If the doctor determines that an immune issue is causing blepharitis, they may prescribe topical ointments to control it.

Find an Optometrist in North Syracuse

There are a variety of root causes for this common condition, so it’s important that you visit an optometrist who can tell you more about what’s going on. (Certain skin conditions, like rosacea, can lead to the development of it.) It’s also usually a chronic problem, one that needs constant attention to keep it under control.

If you’re looking for a staff who cares, visiting McPherson Optometry P.C. is a great start. We’re here for more than just eye exams and contact prescriptions. Contact us today to see if you need medications to bring down the discomfort and potentially prevent future flare-ups.

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