Is It Time to Replace Your Eyeglasses?

Millions of people rely on glasses to help them see clearly or better. However, many people delay getting their eyeglasses replaced as needed. The general recommendation is to have your eyes checked annually to make sure your prescription eyeglasses are still doing their job to help support the better vision. Nevertheless, there are a few signs you can watch for that may tell you that it is time to schedule an appointment with us at McPherson Optometry to get your eyeglasses replaced.

1. You catch yourself squinting while wearing your glasses.

Squinting can be an almost involuntary response to not seeing clearly. You may catch yourself squinting when you read, while you drive, or when you are simply trying to focus on something. Take note of when you are squinting and why so you can discuss the issue with the eye doctor.

2. Your vision seems blurry or not as good.

Vision changes can be hard to catch if the problem progresses slowly. However, one surefire sign that you need to get new glasses is if your vision appears blurry even when you have your glasses on.

3. Your eyeglasses have issues because of their age.

Perhaps your lenses are severely scratched. Maybe your glasses no longer fit the way they did when you first got them. You may even have problems with the structure of the frames. In any of these situations, it is highly likely that it has been a while since your glasses were replaced. So it may be time to make an appointment.

4. You have problems with headaches.

Straining to see can bring about mild and ongoing headaches. If your glasses are not doing their job, your eyes and brain work harder just so you can see whatever it is you are looking at and process this information. Undue stress can lead to headaches or even migraines for some people.

Need New Glasses in North Syracuse?

Keeping your eyeglass prescription up to date can work wonders for the good of your visual health. If you believe it is time to get new glasses, reach out to us at McPherson Optometry in North Syracuse to schedule an appointment.

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