5 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Glasses  

Many people who wear glasses are prone to losing them or forgetting them. Losing your glasses can be a great inconvenience – and also an expensive problem if you paid a lot of money for them. There are many things you can do to avoid losing your glasses. The following 5 suggestions can help ensure your glasses are always in a place that you would expect, and at least in one case, can help you find them even when they’re not.

1. Have a Routine

Put on your glasses every morning at the same time. If you take off your glasses during the day, always take them off at the same time, and then put them back on at the same time. At the end of the day, leave your glasses in a location where they can easily be found. Following a predictable routine makes it much harder to lose your glasses.

2. Have One or Two Homes for Your Glasses

When you do remove your glasses, make a point of always putting them in the same location (or locations). When you’re not sure what’s happened to your glasses, go back to those same places to look.

3. Track Your Glasses With Your Smart Phone

Purchase a wireless tracking device and locator that attaches to glasses and can connect to your smartphone. These devices make finding a lost pair of glasses much simpler and faster.

4. Purchase a Cord

If you like to be able to remove your glasses throughout the day, at any time, buy a cord that attaches to the ears of your glasses and can be used to hang your glasses from your neck. This way, your glasses will always be available to use.

5. Keep Them In A Case

Make the deliberate choice to put your glasses in a case every time you take them off. A bulky, brightly colored case will be much easier to find than a folded-up pair of glasses, especially if you wear wireframes.

Want More Suggestions? Call McPherson Optometry

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