Do Colored Contacts Work for People with an Astigmatism?  

If you have an astigmatism in North Syracuse, NY, you might wonder if you can wear colored contacts. This is a relatively common question because the treatment for people with an astigmatism will vary based on the exact shape of their lens. We’ll look at how lenses work for people with irregular corneas and whether they make contacts that will fit.

Toric Lenses

People with an astigmatism have a different curvature of the lens of their eye. So instead of being perfectly round like a baseball, it might take a shape closer to a football. Different types of astigmatism will result in different shapes, and it can be difficult to create artificial lenses that will actually stay on the eyeball throughout the day.

Thankfully, it’s not impossible. Toric lenses refer to contacts that are designed differently than traditional soft contacts. These are made for people with an astigmatism and they do help people ditch their eyeglasses when they want. For people with a severe case, though, they may need to wear rigid contact lenses instead of toric.

Contacts in North Syracuse, NY

Colored contacts may not be strictly necessary, but they certainly are a lot of fun. In general, you should be able to find colored contacts that will fit your eye, whether you wear toric or rigid lenses, though you’ll need to talk to your eye doctor in North Syracuse, NY about what’s available. Because they’re more specialty lenses, the options may be limited, so it pays to do a little digging into the matter.

Whether you want them for everyday use or they’re just for fun on the weekends, changing your eye color can bring about a world of possibilities. You can experiment with different outfits or even different hair colors to switch up your appearance. When you speak with a doctor who understands why this matters to people, you’re likely to get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have questions about your astigmatism, prescription, or how you can get the quality products you want, McPherson Optometry is here to help. Our staff understands how different types of conditions affect your life and lifestyle, and we can give you options that will make a difference.


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