3 Reasons Dry Eyes Tend to Worsen in the Winter  

Itchy, watery, irritated eyes are frustrating to contend with, and sometimes, the problem seems to worsen in the winter. It is definitely not your imagination. More people do look for dry eye treatment in North Syracuse, NY through the winter months. Take a look at a few reasons why dry eyes become worse in the winter for many people.

1. Exposure to colder temperatures

Colder temperatures can do the same thing to your eyes as they do to your skin: cause dryness and general discomfort. Many people experience a change in eye moisture levels when they are exposed to cold air outdoors. This occurs because the cold temperatures essentially change the viscosity of the lubricating fluids that normally keep your eyes comfortable. Try to limit your exposure to really cold temperatures through the winter and always wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from direct bursts of cold air with the wind.

2. Exposure to lower humidity levels

Lower humidity levels can cause fluid in your eyes to evaporate faster than usual. Naturally, New York winters come along with lower humidity levels. And, the issue is not just a problem when you are outdoors. Most indoor heat sources also cause a drastic drop in indoor humidity levels that can affect your eyes. For some people, it can be helpful to use a humidifier to keep moisture levels in the air higher and the eyes more comfortable.

3. More time spent indoors with allergens

When winter settles in, most people do spend more time indoors than out. Indoor environments are often filled with allergens you are not exposed to outdoors, or at least the levels are highly concentrated in the air. For example, if you have pets, pet dander accumulates indoors. These allergens can provoke symptoms if you have a sensitivity to pet dander, and dry eyes are a common symptom of a pet dander allergy.

Looking for dry eye treatment in North Syracuse, NY?

Even though your issues with dry eyes can ebb and flow with the seasons, there is no reason to suffer through the irritation. Be sure to reach out to an eye doctor in North Syracuse, NY to discuss your symptoms and treatment options that can help. Reach out to McPherson Optometry to schedule your appointment for dry eye treatment.


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