What Are Dry Eyes?

Do your eyes feel dry and itchy? This is not uncommon, but it is also not normal. If you have dry eyes, it is always important for you to determine what’s causing it. Dry eyes occur when your eyes are not producing enough tears, or the tears that are being produced are not of a good quality. As a result, the eyes can be painfully dry.


What Are the Symptoms?

Your eyes may feel scratchy and burn. They may be sensitive to light and may sting when you are driving at night. If you wear contact lenses, you may notice that they seem painful. Some people develop a mucus around the eyes.

What’s Causing It?

Dry eyes can occur as a result of adequate tears. Tears are made up of fatty oils, water, and mucus, all designed to keep the eye’s surface clear and smooth. Getting older makes you more likely to develop this condition. Some medical conditions, such as lupus, arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, can also cause it. Eyelid problems as well as environmental factors, such as being in wind or smoke, can also make this more likely to occur.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

If you have dry eyes just once, using over-the-counter tear products may be an okay option. For others, it’s important to understand the cause of the dry eyes so you can get more effective treatment. Your eye doctor can help. Some medications may help to stimulate the production of tears. Others can also work to improve the quality of tears you have. In addition, more advanced treatments, such as the use of eye inserts that work like artificial tears, can also help.

Some people may need a procedure to open the tear ducts. Others need to have the tear ducts closed to limit the loss of tears. Unblocking oil glands may also be an option.

Do You Think You Have Dry Eyes? Make an Appointment Today

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