Corneal Scarring or Corneal Infection: How to Tell the Difference

Corneal scarring and corneal infection are two different conditions that can end up feeling the same. We’ll look at the differences so it’s easier to tell one from the other.

Blurry Vision and Eye Pain: Common Symptoms

Both corneal scarring and infection are typically accompanied by blurry vision. However, despite this trademark symptom for the two conditions, it may manifest differently depending on which one you have. For example, an optometrist in North Syracuse, NY, may see patients whose vision blurs at peak times based on the lighting.

Typically, with an infection, the blur will be brought on faster than with scarring, so if you notice rapid changes in how well you can see, it may be due to an infection. Similarly, infections cause eye pain, which may or may not occur if you have scarring. Eye pain due to an infection can be exceptionally severe, so it’s important not to live with it in hopes that it goes away. An infection can lead to a corneal ulcer which, left untreated, can lead to blindness.

Additional Indicators

We’ll look at some of the major indicators between the two eye diseases in North Syracuse, NY:

  • Pus: Corneal scarring will not result in watery discharge or pus, whereas an infection may cause this.
  • Redness: Corneal scarring may cause a very mild redness in the eyes (if it causes redness at all), whereas an infection will result in obvious color changes.
  • Light sensitivity: You’re more likely to be sensitive to light if you have an infection. With scarring, vision changes are far more gradual and tend to be stable, whereas infections are more sudden.

See an Eye Doctor in North Syracuse, NY

If you’re trying to decide which condition you have, the bottom line is that it’s fairly difficult to ignore an eye infection. However, if you have some blurriness in low lighting due to scarring, it would be much easier to chalk up to changes in your night vision. At McPherson Optometry, our staff can tell you that you should have both types of conditions assessed sooner rather than later. Contact us today for an evaluation, so you can get the treatment you need.

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