3 Tips to Reduce Eye Strain

If you read or work on the computer a lot, you know all too well about eye strain. Eye strain is caused when your eyes have to work a lot to view small details. People who work at professions or hobbies that involve lots of close-up work like jewelry-making, stamp collecting, and other things also are vulnerable to eye strain.

Eye strain is a temporary condition, but it can be very uncomfortable. If it’s bad, it can even force you to stop doing your activity until your eyes can rest a while. There are some things you can do to reduce eye strain so that you can continue to be productive.

1. Turn on a Light

If you’re working on a computer or mobile device at night, you can significantly reduce eye strain simply by turning on a light. This decreases the light contrast between the screen light and the surrounding darkness. The light from a small lamp is usually enough to reduce eye strain.

2. Install a Lighting App

Computers and other electronic devices emit blue light. This blue light can cause eye strain and it might even be further harmful after several years of exposure. There are lots of lighting apps that can reduce the blue light coming from your computer screen. Consider investing in one that automatically adjusts according to the light in the room where you’re working. This can significantly reduce eye strain while working on a computer.

3. Use a Magnifying Glass

If you engage in a lot of close-up work like sewing or making jewelry, you can reduce eye strain by using a magnifying glass. This simple solution works by enlarging everything you’re looking at so you don’t have to squint and strain your eyes. Large magnifying lenses on adjustable swivel arms are available online and in hobby stores.

Eye strain isn’t something that you should just live with and ignore. It could have long-term effects on your vision that you aren’t yet aware of. To be sure that your eyes are in the best possible condition, implement these three tips into your daily life. You should also get regular eye exams so your eye doctor can keep track of your eye health over time. To book your appointment now, please contact us.

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