3 Reasons to Get Your Glaucoma Test

Glaucoma is a nerve degeneration that causes the central nerve connected from the eye to the brain to be damaged. Glaucoma tests can help to detect nerve degeneration before it is too advanced. If a person with glaucoma does not get help from a doctor, eventually it will advance to a stage where they won’t be able to see properly. Glaucoma can be detected early with a simple test at the eye doctor’s office. Here are three good reasons why you should your glaucoma test.

Glaucoma Doesn’t Exhibit Symptoms Until It’s Advanced

Glaucoma usually doesn’t cause any symptoms until it’s in its advanced stage. So, even if you don’t have any symptoms, you could have developing glaucoma. You shouldn’t wait until you have symptoms before getting a glaucoma test, because you may never have symptoms at all and then end up with irreversible damage to your eyesight.

Glaucoma Tests Are Quick And Pain-Free

Glaucoma tests are quick and don’t involve any pain. One of the tests is to simply take a look at the main optic nerve in the eye. An optometrist can conduct this vision test to check for visible damage. Another test measures eye pressure and is also non-invasive. You will experience a sensation of a puff of air to the eye, but it is completely painless.

Getting Tested Early Can Halt The Development Of Glaucoma

Like any chronic disease, getting help early before permanent damage sets in is of the essence. Thankfully, glaucoma is stoppable. There are effective treatments available to halt the disease. Depending upon the severity of glaucoma, your situation may be improved by making different lifestyle choices. Isn’t it worth getting a glaucoma test that can help prevent vision damage or even blindness, when you might just have to make small changes in your lifestyle?

Glaucoma can be detected early and the test is fast, simple, non-invasive, and painless. Even if glaucoma is detected, with available treatments in place, you may be able to continue a life with normal vision—as long as the glaucoma is detected in its early stages. Ask your eye doctor about getting a glaucoma test every time you visit your optometrist.


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